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Portland Shareholder Dispute Attorney

JJH Law Is Home To Portland’s Trusted Shareholder Dispute Attorneys

Shareholder disputes can be the cause of major disruptions in your business. 


Whether it’s an operational, financial, or employment dispute, the shareholder dispute attorneys at JJH Law can help. Our attorneys have helped resolve shareholder disputes of all types and can help your company get on the right track.


The best way to avoid shareholder disputes is through strong governing documents, including your operating or shareholder agreement, with clear buy-sell provisions. We can help caution against disputes down the line by drafting these documents at the outset of formation. For those situations when we have been involved from the beginning, JJH Law can step in to help you work through your dispute and make sure you and your company come out the other side intact.


Don’t try to work through complicated shareholder issues on your own. With JJH Law, you can rest easy knowing you have an experienced business attorney to help you work through shareholder issues and disputes.

No matter what it takes, JJH Law can help you work through your shareholder dispute.


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“I appreciate the JJH Law staff for their efficient service and passion to expedite completion of my legal needs. Joseph and his staff were attentive, genuine, and successful. I have referred friends to the firm and will continue to do so. Thanks!”
– Rob L.

JJH Law’s Shareholder Dispute Services

Shareholder disputes develop for many reasons, including:


  • A belief that company officers or directors are not fulfilling their fiduciary duties
  • A lack of trust between majority and minority shareholders
  • Lack of transparency between the company and shareholders
  • Disagreements between management and major shareholders 
  • Conflict of interest among directors, shareholders, or company officers


At JJH Law, our experienced shareholder dispute attorneys can work with you whether you’re a shareholder, or an officer or director at the company. We have experience on all sides of disputes and have the legal knowledge and finesse to resolve issues through mediation, or in the worst case, litigation or arbitration.


Whether you’re a sole proprietor, have 5 employees, or 500, we have experience advising disputes just like yours. There isn’t any situation we haven’t seen!


When you work with the attorneys at JJH Law, you’ll partner with a team of professionals committed to your continued success.

Meet Our Attorneys

Joseph J. Haddad, Founder
Areas of Expertise: Complex business litigation, dispute resolution

Taylor Duty, Lead Business Attorney
Areas of Expertise: Business and corporate law, mergers, and acquisitions

Cara Defilippis, Business Attorney and New Client Manager
Areas of Expertise: Business transactional and formation, employment law, restaurant counseling and advice

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Multi-State Representation & Alternative Hybrid Fee Structure

At JJH Law, we have extensive experience representing small and large businesses, organizations, and real estate firms throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Our team offers a unique hybrid billing structure to empower our relationship to be as vibrant and efficient as possible. You’ll get the services you need with the financial flexibility to help your business grow.


Not only does this structure let us provide legal representation tailored to your needs, goals, and budget, it also helps set clear expectations for the level and breadth of representation.

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