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Questions About Business and Real Estate Lawyers

What do business lawyers do?

Business lawyers help business owners capitalize on opportunities, solve problems, and prepare them for the future. Generally (and at JJH Law), business lawyers are well-rounded, versatile attorneys who can help companies work through all types of legal issues, including new business formation, employment disputes, contract drafting, policy formation, compliance issues, and more.

JJH Law’s business attorneys are equally comfortable reviewing a contract, consulting with business owners, negotiating a complex deal, or litigating in court (and that’s just the beginning). 


Do I need a business lawyer?

If you’re wondering whether your business needs an attorney, chances are that you can benefit by having one by your side. When it comes to the operation of your business, even a small mistake or misunderstanding can be financially devastating. 

When you hire a business attorney, you’ll have an expert to help you through any legal hurdles you face. If nothing else, business lawyers provide peace of mind that you’re always taking the right step forward. 


Why not just use in-house counsel?

While in-house legal counsel can help your team with some legal matters, the independent perspective of an outside expert will provide the most balanced advice, and typically at a fraction of the cost. We’ll always be looking out for your best interests, and will provide both an objective opinion and subjective advocacy on your behalf. You can trust us to be honest with you and clearly lay out all of your options and expected outcomes. 


When is the right time to work with a business attorney?

From the start. Although there is never a bad time to work with a business attorney, we recommend that you work with an attorney during the formation of your business to ensure it’s built on a steady and solid foundation.

That said, we work with businesses of all shapes, sizes, and ages. If you’re experiencing an issue that requires some outside help, reach out! We’ll work with you to solve your problems.


Should I hire a business lawyer for my commercial real estate deal?

A business lawyer is a crucial partner in a commercial real estate deal. JJH Law’s business lawyers can help review or draft your purchase or lease agreements to ensure they’re written in your best interests. They’ll make sure you’re entering a beneficial deal and will help you if any issues arise along the way.

Question About JJH Law

How much does JJH Law charge?

How much JJH Law charges depends on a number of factors. We offer fee packages or retainers depending on your needs. In general, we require potential clients to purchase a specific amount of hours, moving to hourly billing after those hours are used. Anything not used is returned to the client. 

To get an accurate estimate of costs, contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your case.


What areas of law does JJH Law work in?

Broadly, we help businesses and individuals work through issues and plan for the future in the following areas of law:


What type of transactions can you help me execute?

We help our business clients plan, negotiate, forecast, and execute a wide range of business and corporate documents. We handle everything from formation documents, shareholder agreements, asset and business sales and purchases, real estate deals, and much more. We can also help you work through disputes among business partners or vendors, and structure ownership transfers or company reorganizations.


Are there any business law transactions or actions that you do not complete?

JJH Law does not handle tax advice, nor are we intellectual property or patent attorneys.


What type of businesses do you work with?

We work with a range of businesses of all shapes and sizes, from one person businesses and small businesses with 5 employees, to medium-sized businesses with 500. We work within industries such as tech, real estate, healthcare, and much more! 


Am I too small of a business to hire an attorney?

Absolutely not. Frequently, small businesses have just as complex and nuanced legal issues to confront as large corporations. It may even be MORE critical for small businesses to hire a business attorney, as they have less margin for error and a more compelling need to get it right from the very beginning. 

Improper handling of these complex issues can lead to risk exposure, excessive fines, missed opportunities, and compliance issues out of no fault of your own. Unfortunately when it comes to the courts or government agencies, “I didn’t know” is never an acceptable excuse.


What should I expect at our first meeting?

At our first meeting, we’ll discuss the problem you’d like us to solve or how you want us to add value to your business. We’ll go over how we can help, the recommended breadth of service, and how much our services will cost.

If you’re interested in meeting to discuss your business, reach out! We’ll set up a time for you to speak one-on-one with a member of our team.


Will our conversations be confidential?

We always respect privacy and will never talk to anybody about your case. However, true confidentiality cannot be given until a client has signed on with us and we represent them.


Do you only work with clients in Oregon?

JJH Law partners with businesses throughout Washington and Oregon and we are licensed in both states. Further, we work with businesses and individuals throughout the many small towns and counties within Oregon and Washington.

About JJH Law

At JJH Law, our attorneys are qualified and experienced in Oregon & Washington law. We service clients in major Northwest cities from Portland to Seattle, rural areas of Eastern and Southern Oregon, and everywhere in between.

The JJH Law team is composed of a diverse group of experienced attorneys ready to meet any challenge head on. We have the necessary experience and training to deliver success to you and your business or organization.

“Joe is an excellent lawyer. I hired him on an employment issue, and he is just superb to work with. He is responsive, very personable, very nice, and knew just where to push and how to get things done.”

– Shirley



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