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Is there anything more Northwest than the merging of the entrepreneurial spirit, fine craftsmanship, and flat-out delicious food? It’s no surprise that Portland and other Northwest cities have developed such a unique and world-renowned food scene.


At JJH Law, we work with chefs and entrepreneurs to grow their restaurants and other food-based business into all they can be. 


Whether you’re looking to turn your family recipe into a saleable product, grow your food cart into a brick-and-mortar location, or expand your single-location brewery into a small chain, we have the experience to help to achieve your goals.

Our food industry attorneys are ready to help your business meet whatever challenges you’re facing head-on.


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“I appreciate the JJH Law staff for their efficient service and passion to expedite completion of my legal needs. Joseph and his staff were attentive, genuine, and successful. I have referred friends to the firm and will continue to do so. Thanks!”
– Rob L.

We work with food-based businesses of all types!


Food-based Products


Commercial Kitchens

Food Trucks

Bars & Breweries

We Offer a Complete Suite of Legal Services

Business Formation

No experience starting or running a business? We’ll help you in all facets of business formation to make sure you can hit the ground running. We can even help advise on the permits and licenses you need to get going.

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Employment & Labor Law

For most food-based businesses such as restaurants and bars, employees are the lifeblood of your business. We know labor and employment laws in Oregon and Washington in and out.

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Transaction Law

Transactions keep our food-based business afloat. Whether it is ensuring reliable vendor contracts, or securing financing for start up expenses, experienced attorneys can give you an edge.

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Business Litigation Law

Successful businesses can often lead to issues with investors, competitors, or employees. With JJH Law by your side, you’ll always have a reliable confidant to work through issues with.

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Challenges Facing the Restaurant Industry

It’s said that 60% of new restaurants fail within their first year. This is often due to the high initial costs of starting a business and the challenging market conditions that exist in almost every major city.


Given the competitiveness of the market, every little edge you can create goes a long way towards sustainable success. While many restaurants and food-based entrepreneurs attempt to get going on their own, with an attorney helping you through the initial stages you can trust that your business is founded on solid footing.


At JJH Law, our food industry attorneys can help you establish this foundation for growth from the get-go. We’ve seen it all and are ready to help you however you need.

Meet Our Attorneys


Joseph J. Haddad, Founder
Areas of Expertise: Complex business litigation, dispute resolution


Taylor Duty, Lead Business Attorney
Areas of Expertise: Business and corporate law, mergers, and acquisitions


Cara Defilippis, Business Attorney and New Client Manager
Areas of Expertise: Business transactional and formation, employment law

At JJH Law, we work with food-based businesses and individuals across Oregon and Washington to help them thrive no matter the issues they face.


Our team consists of a diverse collection of expert food industry attorneys prepared to find effective solutions to your challenges. Whether your business is just you, 500 employees, or anything in between, we have experience solving problems just like the ones you’re going through. When you work with the restaurant industry attorneys at JJH Law, you’ll partner with a team of professionals committed to your continued success.


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