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Brenda Velazquez

Velazquez, Brenda_h

Brenda Velazquez

Legal Assistant

Brenda joined our firm in 2022 bringing with her a fresh set of ideas and strong motivation that has helped keep moving the firm forward. With a diverse background that includes experience in housecleaning, construction administration, and assisting and leading daycare classrooms, this individual has developed a deep appreciation and admiration for hardworking and often underpaid individuals. Through these experiences, she has cultivated a sense of patience, compassion, and attention to detail that clients will immediately notice upon their first conversation.


As a DACA student, Brenda has always been determined to achieve her goals and advocate for herself. Her involvement in the arts and community service demonstrates her commitment to making a positive impact in her community. This includes helping children at her church with communion classes and interpreting for low-income families receiving check-ups and vaccinations. In 2021 Brenda earned her Associate’s in Science degree from Portland Community College with a focus on psychology, communications, and neuroscience.


In her spare time, Brenda enjoys spending time with her son, tending to her plants, cooking, listening to neuroscience podcasts, and visiting her parents and the cows at the coast.

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