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JJH Law Firm’s Contract Drafting and Risk Assessment for Commercial Transactions reports that 40% to 70% of HR outsourcing relationships go sour while other estimates demonstrate a 25% failure rate. These numbers reflect the reality that these critical business propositions are probably not worth taking without legal advice, preferably before the journey even begins. The team at JJH Law is ready to assist your organization with both preventative measures before the relationship begins, as well as recovering damages after a deal goes south.

Preventative Measures
Preventative measures, also known as mitigation strategies, are designed to limit future problems by creating a rock-solid plan for dealing with nonperformance or other foreseeable issues. Like insurance, the goal is to have a structure in place that anticipates potential problems by implementing solutions in advance, like you find in a well-written contract.

Alongside these critical preventive considerations is the need to structure any deal in such a way that participants are unlikely to default. The lawyers at JJH Law have extensive experience and critical resources available for your business so you can enter any transaction with clarity.
By having the attorneys at JJH Law analyze a transaction and draw up the contracts, you will have the assurance going forward that you are protected from many unknowns you would encounter without experienced legal advice. With your expert in place at the start, you will minimize the risk of hidden but fundamental flaws in an agreement, such as granting rights to another party in some way that you neither wanted nor anticipated. The same holds true when the contract is handed to you. The team at JJH Law will spring into action to review the agreements for your company’s protection.

Contingency Strategies
While preventative strategies are utilized before the scene of an accident, contingency strategies are designed to either help stem the losses or employ litigation tactics to recover damages when something goes wrong. Rest assured, the Peal District legal team of JJH Law will be at your service analyzing, negotiating, and litigating as your situation and preferences dictate.

Keep in mind that preventative measures, carefully utilized before the deal, may be costly upfront but can be much less expensive than contingency strategies after the deal goes awry. JJH Law can tailor its services to your budget and you may find that a combination approach works best.
Don’t make the mistake of waiting until a problem develops before litigation is required. Contact JJH Law today for the peace of mind that comes from knowing your company‚Äôs legal concerns have been scrutinized by an experienced and diligent law firm that cares enough about your business to be there before a problem develops.

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