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The Attorneys at JJH Law Are Portland’s Secured Lending Experts

Secured lending transactions are a great way to leverage your existing assets to help you secure the best possible loan or line of credit. While this instrument can be a wonderful asset to your business, it also comes with some risk. 


Knowing the federal, state, and local laws surrounding secured loans is crucial for leveraging the financial instrument and keeping your risk profile low. At JJH Law, our secured transaction attorneys are well versed on Oregon and Washington financial laws and regulations. 


Whether you are a lender or borrower, don’t work with this complex financial tool unless you have the understanding and expertise to make the process work for you. Talk to the experienced transaction attorneys at JJH Law today.

Responsibly and effectively leverage your assets with secured lending transactions.


The experienced Portland secured lending attorneys at JJH Law will help you grow your business sustainably.

“I appreciate the JJH Law staff for their efficient service and passion to expedite completion of my legal needs. Joseph and his staff were attentive, genuine, and successful. I have referred friends to the firm and will continue to do so. Thanks!”
– Rob L.

JJH Law’s Secured Lending Services

A secured transaction is when a high-value asset such as real estate or any other form of property is used as collateral to secure a loan or financing agreement. If the loan defaults, the piece of property that’s used as collateral is foreclosed upon and sold to pay off the loan.


Going at this process on your own can lead to a poor financial contract that can cause you to lose your assets or risk any loan that your business has made to a borrower.


JJH Law has extensive experience helping organizations, businesses, and individuals throughout Oregon and Washington find the secured lending transactions that work for them and their long-term interest.  


Whether you’re an individual, have 5 employees, or 500, we have experience advising secured lending transactions just like yours. There isn’t any situation we haven’t seen!

When you work with the attorneys at JJH Law, you’ll partner with a team of professionals committed to your continued success.

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Joseph J. Haddad, Founder
Areas of Expertise: Complex business litigation, dispute resolution


Taylor Duty, Lead Business Attorney
Areas of Expertise: Business and corporate law, mergers, and acquisitions


Cara Defilippis, Business Attorney and New Client Manager
Areas of Expertise: Business transactional and formation, employment law

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Multi-State Representation & Alternative Hybrid Fee Structure

At JJH Law, we’re proud to represent small and large businesses, organizations, and real estate firms throughout Oregon and Washington. 


Our unique hybrid billing structure fosters a vibrant and efficient lawyer-client relationship. You’ll get the services you need in a manageable way that helps your business grow.


This arrangement is unique to our firm in Oregon and Washington, but we believe it’s the best way for us to work together to get you the secured loan you need.


Not only does this structure let us provide legal representation tailored to your needs, goals, and budget, it also helps set clear expectations for the level and breadth of representation.

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