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Portland COVID-19 Business Attorneys

Here to Help Your Business Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

At JJH Law, we know the COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly hard on many businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest. Be it difficult employment decisions or the inability to make the sort of investments you had hoped for, you are likely facing unexpected challenges. 


At JJH Law, we take pride in helping our clients weather any storm — particularly the most turbulent ones. Our experienced COVID-19 business attorneys offer a full range of business law services to help your business or organization in any way you need.

Our COVID-19 business attorneys are ready to help your business meet whatever challenges you’re facing head-on.


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“I appreciate the JJH Law staff for their efficient service and passion to expedite completion of my legal needs. Joseph and his staff were attentive, genuine, and successful. I have referred friends to the firm and will continue to do so. Thanks!”
– Rob L.

We Are Still Offering Our Complete Suite of Legal Services

Transaction Law

Business has not stopped just because of the pandemic — far from it. We can help secure financing, draft investor agreements, work through acquisitions or sales, and much more. 

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Business Litigation Law

Keeping your head above water during COVID-19 is a struggle. Whether you need help navigating a shareholder dispute or need a risk assessment on a transaction, we can help.

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Employment & Labor Law

There has never been a larger shift in the operation of most business workplaces. We can help guide you through any potential issues, policy shifts, and employment disputes arising from this seismic change. 

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Real Estate Law

The pandemic has not slowed the pace of the market — if anything it has been a booming period for commercial and residential real estate. We can help you make the right decisions and work through any tenant issues.

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Meeting with JJH Law during the COVID-19 Pandemic

While we still offer the same services we always have, the way we meet and collaborate with our clients has changed slightly.


In place of in-person meetings, our COVID-19 business attorneys will meet with you over video conference. Contact us today to schedule a virtual meeting by special appointment.

Meet Our Attorneys


Joseph J. Haddad, Founder
Areas of Expertise: Complex business litigation, dispute resolution


Taylor Duty, Lead Business Attorney
Areas of Expertise: Business and corporate law, mergers, and acquisitions


Cara Defilippis, Business Attorney and New Client Manager
Areas of Expertise: Business transactional and formation, employment law

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About JJH Law

At JJH Law, we work with businesses and individuals across Oregon and Washington to help them thrive no matter the challenges they face.


Our team consists of a diverse group of expert attorneys that are ready to work with you to find solutions to your problems. No matter the size of your business or organization, we have experience working through issues just like the one you’re facing. When you work with the attorneys at JJH Law, you’ll partner with a team of professionals committed to your continued success.

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