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Empowering your employees to do their best work is one of the biggest challenges you have as a business. It’s also crucial that you maintain a safe workplace and keep your employees accountable.


At JJH Law, we work with businesses and organizations to help them develop, draft, and integrate HR Policies that set clear expectations for both leadership teams and employees. 


Our HR policy attorneys have worked with all types and sizes of business to institute HR policies that work for each individual organization. Let’s work together to find a set of policies that fit your company’s culture, meet OSHA guidelines, hold your team accountable, and inspire your employees to do their best.

Our HR Policy attorneys are ready to help your HR team set expectations and inspire great work.


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We Offer a Complete Suite of HR Policy Services

Employment Law

Our HR Policy attorneys are licensed in Oregon and Washington, and are well-versed on the employment laws of both states. 


We offer a full range of employment law services, including: 


HR Policy in Today’s Business World

Crafting a good HR policy is about more than just checking a box. Good HR policy can help prevent unfair working conditions, OSHA violations, sexual harassment claims, and much more. 


With an increased focus on workers rights, sexual assault violations, nepotism, and much more, protecting yourself and having rules in place to protect your workers is crucial for a well run business. Not only that, workers expect that your business will have an HR policy that reflects today’s business and cultural standards.


At JJH Law, our HR policy attorneys are experienced in helping businesses craft HR policies that protect businesses, business owners, and employees. With our experience and knowledge, we are here to answer your questions, listen to your concerns, and work with you to craft an HR policy that puts your business in a position to succeed. 

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Areas of Expertise: Business transactional and formation, employment law

The HR policy attorneys at JJH Law work with businesses and individuals across Oregon and Washington to help their business thrive.


Whether your business is just you, 500 employees, or anything in between, we’re ready to help you succeed. When you work with the HR policy attorneys at JJH Law, you’ll partner with a team of professionals committed to your continued success.


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