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Employment Attorney Portland

Representing both employer and executive interests in employment law cases comprises a major practice area for the JJH Law Firm, whether its during negotiations or before federal or state court litigation, regulatory proceedings or arbitration. The laws and regulations governing employment issues have continued to expand in recent years, and specialized expertise is often essential to effectively represent management and business interests. Whether you’re trying to negotiate an employment contract, settle a dispute related to job benefits or requested family leave, or otherwise protect your interests at work, you’ll want to have the help and advice of a knowledgeable, experienced Portland employment lawyer with a demonstrated record of litigation success and effective employment counsel.

To take one example, the number of wage-hour federal lawsuits has doubled nationally over the past decade. Increasingly, these cases involve detailed inquiries into whether a group of workers are in fact members of management or independent contractors, or in fact fall under minimum wage and overtime rules. Similarly, there have been major developments in employment benefits, equal employment laws, labor laws and many other employment-related areas.

JJH Law Firm principal attorney Joseph J. Haddad has extensive experience in employment law, having worked both on complex litigation for Stoel Rives -Portland’s largest law firm- and for the national labor and employment law firm Fisher & Phillips. He thoroughly understands not just the fast-changing world of employment law, but also the business issues and individual concerns. Every client, whether a sizable business or an individual executive, will get the benefit of his expertise and determination to deliver a solution matching the client’s situation and needs.

If you have an employment-related question or problem, call us at JJH Law at (503) 552-1467 to schedule a consultation. We’re conveniently located in the Pearl District. Let the team of professionals at JJH Law bring their experience and experience to work for you.

Labor Attorney Portland

Running a business has many rewards beyond status and success: a sense of accomplishment, the chance to build something and to help others. But ask any business manager or owner how enjoyable it is to deal with some other parts of the job — issues like workplace misconduct, internal theft, and much more.

Every day, businesses must deal with state and federal job health and safety agencies, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance, and much more. These day-to-day problems and decisions arise in any workplace, unionized or non-union. In a unionized setting, many issues may be addressed in grievance hearings or other proceedings, and contract negotiation and administration will require major attention from management. Non-union employers may find themselves facing organizing petitions or unfair labor practice charges, as well as having to deal with public campaigns aimed at pressuring them to recognize or form a union.

When businesses seek help or advice with such real-world management issues, the last thing they want is a law firm quick to explain legal complications, but short on practical solutions. Fortunately, the JJH Law Firm is available to provide concrete help, skilled at dealing with a wide variety of labor and employment issues in whatever forum – arbitration or grievance hearing, agency hearing, alternative dispute resolution, or in a state or federal court – that promises to be the most effective.

While fully capable of litigating complex labor issues, JJH Law also helps managers prepare for and prevent many foreseeable labor issues, by helping employers identify policies and procedures to deal with them. The firm can also help companies train managers and supervisors in the most effective ways to prevent common problems.

Based in the Pearl District of downtown Portland, the team of professionals at JJH Law bring not just legal skills, but also the real-world experience and the business sense that Portland area employers have learned to depend on for sage advice and sound strategy. Call us at JJH Law at (503) 552-1467 to schedule a free consultation.

Discrimination Attorney Portland

Numerous federal and state laws set requirements for how employers can treat job applicants, employees and former employees, and employers who fail to measure up to those standards can face serious liability. It might seem like all an employer would have to do to be free of equal employment concerns would be to follow the fairly straightforward principle of treating everyone in the same fashion, but that’s only partly true.

In some cases, such as making accommodations to a disability of a particular worker or job applicant, or making adjustments for pregnant workers or those on family or medical leave, the employer may have to take special steps to meet an individual’s needs. With even the best intentions, employers may have difficulty assessing what they must do to comply with a large number of often complex state and federal anti-discrimination requirements.

Portland employers, workers and key executives with discrimination questions have a knowledgeable, accessible source of advice and assistance in the JJH Law Firm. Headed by Joseph J. Haddad, an experienced counselor and advocate whose previous practice for Portland’s largest law firm and for a national employment and labor law firm dealt with complex civil litigation with a strong emphasis on employment-related matters, JJH Law has skillfully and effectively represented employers and employees in Title VII, sexual harassment, Americans With Disabilities Act, medical leave acts, discrimination and retaliation claims, age discrimination, breach of contract, separation agreements, and many other employment-related areas.

The JJH Law Firm stands ready to offer its expert counsel and practical guidance in your policy choices and compliance issues. Call us at (503) 552-1467 to schedule a confidential consultation. We’re conveniently located in the Pearl District, and look forward to helping you address these important issues.

Wrongful Termination Attorney Portland

Although Oregon, like most states, remains an “employment at will” jurisdiction, meaning that an employer can lawfully fire a worker at any time, without having to give notice or a reason, some reasons for firing or demoting an employee are not lawful, and can mean serious trouble for the employer.

Exceptions to the “employment at will” rule include firing or taking other adverse action against an employee: for exercising protected rights or engaging in a protected activity, such as taking collective action on pay, work conditions or union membership; in retaliation for having reported health or safety violations, or for some other protected act, such as filing an injury claim; or in violation of equal opportunity laws dealing with such areas as race, national or ethnic origin, gender, age, religion, disability, pregnancy, military service, sexual orientation or taking family or medical leave. In some cases, language included in an employee handbook or policy manual may also restrict an employer’s ability to claim “employment at will.”

With deep expertise in employment law issues, the JJH Law Firm has represented employers and workers in wrongful termination cases. Principal attorney Joseph J. Haddad has extensive experience in employment law, having previously worked on complex litigation both for Portland’s largest law firm and for a national labor and employment law firm.

If you believe you have been, or may be, wrongfully terminated from your job, or if you are an employer facing a wrongful termination claim, you should consult an experienced Portland wrongful termination attorney. The JJH Law Firm can offer expert guidance in dealing with the stressful event and help you protect your livelihood or your business, whether in arbitration or grievance proceedings, in agency hearings, or in court. Call us at (503) 552-1467 to schedule a consultation. We’re conveniently located in the Pearl District of downtown Portland.

Labor, Employment Counseling and Litigation

JJH Law Firm in the Pearl District is a client-centered firm, and its founder Joseph J. Haddad has over a dozen years of successful experience, dedicated to protecting and representing the rights of both individuals and companies. When it comes to the crucial areas of employment law and complex business or civil litigation, JJH Law Firm offers not only practical advice on how to prevent disputes before they arise, but also powerful advocacy in all forums for business litigation and employment disputes. JJH Law Firm in the Pearl District is your connection to the legal community in Oregon, and has a demonstrated record of litigation success. They provide a well-rounded team of legal professionals to handle your most pressing business or employment needs. Based in Portland, Oregon, the attorneys at JJH Law Firm are committed to providing a flexible, friendly, and a personal approach to solving your issues and responding to your demands.

JJH Law Firm Offers Legal Advice Across All Employment Concerns Including:

  • Drafting and Negotiation of Employment Contracts
  • Wage and Hour Compliance and Disputes
  • Unlawful Discrimination & Retaliation
  • Policy-writing & Handbooks
  • ADA & Medical Leave Act Expertise
  • Non-compete Agreements & Restrictive Covenants

Defending Businesses With Strategic Planning, Trial Advocacy, & Successful Litigation Techniques

Whether working closely with corporate management for publicly traded companies or collaborating with members of closely held small businesses, JJH Law Firm’s founding was inspired by the successful execution of their experience working within corporate cultures as a valued member of the team. This remains the type of relationship the pearl district lawyers aspire to today. The law firm’s passion is for achieving your objectives and success regardless of the obstacles you are facing. Our law services include:

  • Liability Assessment
  • Complex Business Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Business “Divorce” or Dissolution
  • Trial Advocacy
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Business Formation, Organization and Transactional Advice
  • Real Estate Representation
  • Secured Lending Transactions

Whether your needs come from a corporate or individual viewpoint, ask about our custom fee arrangements that are designed with your particular situation in mind. We look forward to serving you.

Call JJH Law Firm today at (503) 552-1467 to set up an appointment

Employment Counsel

A wise employer knows that the best course of action is to prevent, rather than be forced to win, employment disputes. JJH Law Firm assists Portland area employers in developing both regulatory-sensitive workplace policies and best employment practices for workforce recruiting, selection, promotion, supervision, and disciplinary decisions including termination. Specialized employment advice plus a uniquely tailored employment contract or workplace handbook – outlined and implemented with foresight and skill – can forestall far more problems than even the most effective advocate can resolve after the fact.

An experienced business advisor knows every type of business has employment issues that can be particularly crucial to its success, and that rarely, if ever, will a one-size-fits-all approach serve all employers equally well. Employers in the most competitive fields, or with particularly valuable information, may want to pay special heed to non-compete agreements or other restrictive covenants on employees in sensitive positions. When major restructuring or workforce changes may be in the future, savvy employers give careful, advance thought to policies that will allow maximum flexibility.

In a career that has focused on complex civil litigation, especially in employment-related areas, JJH Law Firm founder Joseph J. Haddad has seen firsthand the need to develop solutions to fit the unique circumstances of each client. Working first for Stoel Rives, Portland’s largest law firm, and then for a national labor and employment law firm, he knows the importance of helping each employer, no matter its type or size, appreciate the diverse issues potentially affecting its operations, understand the available options, and choose approaches that best advance its business.

Based in the Pearl District, the team of professionals at JJH Law Firm brings not just legal skills, but also real-world experience and business sense. Portland employers have learned to depend on this Pearl District law firm for sage advice and sound strategy. We invite you to call JJH Law Firm at (503) 552-1467 to schedule an initial consultation, and find out some of the ways we can help your company foresee and avoid employment-related pitfalls.

Business Attorney Portland

While the JJH Law Firm has won a well-earned reputation for its expertise in employment law, as a general litigation firm it has also been able to help Portland businesses in many other ways. The firm provides area businesses with advocacy and advice in a wide range of non-employment areas.

Among these are commercial litigation, contract negotiation and litigation, alternative dispute resolution, secured lending transactions, and a wide range of real estate legal services (we have represented commercial landlords and tenants on various structuring, financing, leasing, environmental and other issues, as well as in litigation).

For newly-forming enterprises, the JJH Law Firm can advise on the most advantageous form of business, as well as help with the legal requirements in forming a new business. Both new and established companies can benefit from the firm’s expert advice on compliance issues and efficient systems for monitoring business performance and assessing risks.

No matter what type of commercial issue on which you may need expert advice and assistance, JJH Law principal partner Joseph Haddad is likely to have had first-hand experience you can draw on. In addition to the expertise he has gained in employment-related matters, he has been a litigator for Portland’s largest law firm, successfully dealing with issues in real estate law, insurance coverage, securities law and shareholder actions, product liability, director and officer liability, and antitrust and class-action litigation.

As part of a client-centered firm, the Portland business lawyers at the JJH Law Firm emphasize maintaining close personal contact with clients, so that the firm’s understanding of their business interests and methods can not only help to deal with problems, but also to foresee and avoid problems. To arrange a confidential consultation, call JJH Law at (503) 552-1467. We’re conveniently located in the Pearl District Downtown Portland Oregon, and look forward to serving you.

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