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If your case involves contractual issues, partnership disputes, creditor's rights, real estate disputes, commercial landlord/tenant law, trade-secret or non-compete agreements, property claims or related tort claims, or other business dispute matters, please call us at (503) 552-1467 for a confidential consultation.
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Business Litigation

Despite the significant portfolio of employment matters, JJH Law is a general litigation firm first and an employment law firm second. With experience in litigating straightforward breach of contract actions to complex shareholder and partnership disputes, JJH Law will defend your interests in the sophisticated manner you expect from an elite law firm but without the unnecessary and prohibitive administration costs that many such firms require their clients to bear. If your case involves contractual issues, tort claims, partnership disputes, creditor’s rights, real estate disputes, commercial landlord/tenant law, trade secret infringement or personal injury, please do not hesitate to set up an appointment for an initial consultation.

Business Attorney

While JJH Law has won a well-earned reputation for its expertise in employment law, as a general litigation firm it has also been able to help Oregon and Washington businesses in many other ways. The firm provides area businesses with advocacy and advice in a wide range of non-employment areas.

Among these are commercial litigation, contract negotiation and litigation, alternative dispute resolution, secured lending transactions, and a wide range of real estate legal services (we have represented commercial landlords and tenants on various structuring, financing, leasing, environmental and other issues, as well as in litigation).

For newly-forming enterprises, JJH Law can advise on the most advantageous form of business, as well as help with the legal requirements in forming a new business. Both new and established companies can benefit from the firm’s expert advice on compliance issues and efficient systems for monitoring business performance and assessing risks.

No matter what type of commercial issue on which you may need expert advice and assistance, JJH Law principal partner Joseph Haddad is likely to have had first-hand experience you can draw on. In addition to the expertise he has gained in employment-related matters, he has been a litigator for Portland’s largest law firm, successfully dealing with issues in real estate law, insurance coverage, securities law and shareholder actions, product liability, director and officer liability, and antitrust and class-action litigation.

As part of a client-centered firm, the Portland business lawyers at JJH Law emphasize maintaining close personal contact with clients, so that the firm’s understanding of their business interests and methods can not only help to deal with problems, but also to foresee and avoid problems. To arrange a confidential consultation, call JJH Law at (503) 552-1467. We’re conveniently located in the Pearl District Downtown Portland Oregon, and look forward to serving you.

Business Litigation Attorney

JJH Law not only offers practical advice on how to prevent disputes before they arise, but also delivers powerful advocacy in all forums representing businesses in business litigation and employment disputes. Firm founder Joseph J. Haddad, having almost fifteen years of successfully protecting and representing the interests and defending the rights of companies and individuals, is both thoroughly grounded in business issues and has a long record of success in complex litigation.

Gaining experience as a commercial litigator for Portland’s largest law firm and as an advocate at a national employment and labor law firm, Joseph Haddad continues to appear regularly in state and federal courts and has honed his ability to recognize and apply the most successful strategies for the interests of all types and sizes of businesses. He is also experienced in representing businesses in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. His recognized expertise in employment law litigation has been demonstrated by winning a defense verdict for a company facing a million-dollar disability bias lawsuit, winning an arbitration judgment in a sexual harassment case, securing favorable settlements and awards for clients in the context of employment and corporate litigation, and by successful federal appellate work.

With extensive practical experience and a strong record as a business advocate in complex business litigation, Joseph Haddad now guides JJH Law, which handles a full range of complex business litigation. JJH Law has extensive experience with business and civil disputes involving intentional interference with contractual relations, breach of contract, business dissolution and derivative actions, defamation and privacy claims, minority shareholder oppression, and officer or director malfeasance. It also regularly represents clients in contractual, unfair trade practice, competitive, trade secrets and real estate cases.

Based in Portland’s Pearl District, the attorneys at JJH Law are committed to providing a flexible, friendly, and a personal approach to solving your issues and responding to your demands. If you or your company is facing a business dispute, call JJH Law, (503) 552-1467, to arrange a confidential consultation.

Business Dispute Attorney

Based in Portland’s Pearl District, JJH Law has a well-earned reputation for top-quality service and expertise in employment and labor law, but JJH Law also offers business clients a full range of general litigation services. With experience ranging from ordinary breach of contract actions to complex shareholder and partnership disputes, the business dispute lawyers at JJH Law have the skills and experience to protect your business interests effectively and efficiently.

The firm’s principal attorney, Joseph J. Haddad, brings over thirteen years of experience successfully litigating commercial disputes in a wide range of areas, including securities, antitrust, class actions, product liability claims, shareholder actions, director and officer liability, insurance coverage, and real estate law. After working on the litigation team and trial practice group at Portland’s largest law firm, Stoel Rives, he gained specialized expertise working for a national employment and labor law firm, working on complex civil litigation on a wide variety of issues.

While a capable litigator, Joseph J. Haddad is also an experienced negotiator and skilled in alternative dispute resolution methods. JJH Law also believes in maintaining a close relationship with its business clients in order to better identify solutions tailored to meet the particular needs and interests of their businesses. To address the needs of new and small businesses, the firm also provides innovative alternatives to traditional hourly billing arrangements, including flat fee and hybrid retainer-contingency fee plans.

If your case involves contractual issues, partnership disputes, creditor’s rights, real estate disputes, commercial landlord/tenant law, trade-secret or non-compete agreements, property claims or related tort claims, or other business dispute matters, please call us at (503) 552-1467 for a confidential consultation.

Complex Business and General Civil Litigation

How a Civil Litigator Can Assist a Business Owner or Executive

If you are a business person, you’ll always need to rely on a dependable litigator to negotiate business or legal disputes that may arise from time to time. A civil litigator can assist you in resolving claims related to:

  • Tort law;
  • Contractual issues (including breach of contract);
  • Partnership disagreements or shareholder disputes;
  • Real estate disagreements;
  • Creditor rights;
  • Landlord and tenant law; and
  • Personal injury and liability issues.

The Civil Litigation Process: How it All Begins (The Filing of a Lawsuit)

In order to make use of the services of a skilled civil litigator, it’s helpful to know something about the process of filing a lawsuit.

Step Number One: A Pleading Known as a Complaint is Filed

A suit is initiated when one party (known as the plaintiff) files a pleading called a petition or complaint against another party (known as the defendant). The complaint enumerates the reasons for the dispute or disagreement.

Steps Number Two and Three: The Complaint is Served and a Pleading Known as an Answer is Filed by the Defendant

After the complaint is served or delivered to the defendant, the defendant, in turn, has a certain amount of time in which to respond to the complaint with another pleading called an answer. The answer is used to deny or admit the allegations raised in the complaint, and may also include counterclaims and defenses as well. (If the complaint is not answered in the designated response time, then a judgment is issued against the defendant, thereby causing the plaintiff to win by default.)

Step Number Four: Documents and Information are Exchanged through a Process Known as Discovery

If the answer is filed within the time period specified, the litigation process continues to the next level, called discovery. Basically, discovery refers to an exchange of documents and information which is used to:

  • Compel the other party to gather and produce documentation;
  • Require the answering, under oath, of questions known as interrogatories;
  • Obtain depositions (sworn statements) from possible witnesses.

Use an Experienced Litigator in Order to Stay Focused on the Main Issues of a Lawsuit

It’s essential to use the services of a skilled litigator, whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit. That’s because the discovery process frequently becomes more involved than what is necessary. Discovery should be used to support the claims or responses connected with a lawsuit, not as a way to divert people’s attention away from the real arguments of a case. A knowledgeable litigator will help you stay on course in this regard.